Salute to the Legend

When I received the news, I was shocked. A legend, my idol, a major part of my life passed away. What I like about him is he is beyond basketball. Aside from being a monster on the court when he was in prime. Kobe was also a monster when it comes helping others. He opened different foundations that help the ones in need.

Kobe is known to be a fierce competitor in the court. This trait of his was both admired not only by his coaches and teammates but also by everyone in the league. His legendary 20 years careers with one team the Lakers is already a milestone.

Aside from being solid competitor in the court, Kobe was a family man. He is a great husband to Vanessa and his daughters. He is very supportive of his daughters especially in pursuing what he likes basketball. His support for the WNBA was widely known by everyone.

What is great with his legacy was he skipped going to college and brought his talent to NBA. He was not a starter. He worked hard to get to accomplish what he has today. He has 5 championships, two Finals MVP, regular season MVP, third on the All-time scoring list and many others (stats via betmeister).

Like I said, Kobe is beyond these stats and basketball. He is a man of perseverance and how he worked on chasing his dreams. He wants to inspire the new basketball generation and inspiring them to do the same. He wants to challenge them to stand for the challenges that arises.

At the end of the day what is clear is that on this date we have lost a legend, an icon and a basketball superhero. He will be missed big time. I condole with the family. The pain is too much to bear.

Rest in peace Black Mamba!