Random NBA Facts That You Should Know

The game of basketball one of our favorite sport, the NBA of course is our primary source of great, professional basketball. As a fan you should know each and every detail of the game, I mean not all but at least facts about the league. It is good to know the facts about the teams so that we can know what team to bet on and use ezbonuspromocodes.

Below are some of the facts that you should know about the NBA:

The Toronto Raptors Were Not the First Canadian Team

 You might have thought that the Raptors were the first Canadian team on the NBA, well you are wrong. The firs team of Canada that joined the NBA was named Toronto Huskies. It also one of the first team in the NBA. Although this team was eventually dissolved, it only lasted one season, did not joined the playoffs and has a 22-38 record.

Kobe and Vanessa Bryant Met on a Rap Video Shoot

It was devastating what happened to Kobe, but did you know that Vanessa and Kobe met his wife on a video set by Tha Eastsidaz while he was taking a break from recording his own album.

Pau Gasol Studied to be a Doctor

Yes, it is true so when Pau is around you can be rest assured that there are no worries if you get an accident because he knows what to do.

Manute Bol Once Killed a Lion

You heard it right Bol once killed a lion using a spear. He said it once on one of his interviews.

MJ Was Not the First Overall Pick

I bet you if you ask your friend what pick MJ on his draft class is, everyone will say number one. But hey you are wrong. MJ was drafted in the class of 1984; he was the third pick.

First overall pick was Hakeem by the Rockets. Second overall pick was Bowie who went to Trail Blazers. Bowie’s career was plagued with injuries. Right now, I am sure the Blazers are still regretting they did not pick MJ.